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Case 1: The wicked Root

The house dated back from Middle Ages. The plumbing was probably over a hundred years old. Suddenly it didnít work anymore, stagnating water began to smell, the pipes were congested. Who was to pay? The building insurance, the household insurance or the owner himself?

First of all, the damage had to be properly acknowledged. A special firm took photographic innershots of the sewage pipes. Cracks were noted, the root of a tree (from the neighbouring house?) had pierced the pipes, causing congestion.

As soon as the causes were known, the damage could be dealt with provisionally. A new plastic sewage pipe was put in. The private building insurance took over most of the costs in this case, the house owner had merely to settle the bill for the plastic sewage pipe.

RMS had organized the special firm and taken over the mediation between the building insurance and the house owner.

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