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Case 2: Just in time

An architect’s function is to build houses. Insurances are necessary to him but he doesn’t necessarily care about them. "Please" one told us once, "will you settle all my insurance business?" - "We surely will, but we need a signed authorization to change current insurance contracts, to cancel them or even elaborate new ones." - "I agree."

Soon later, a contract was sent for the building of a new station buffet. There was hardly time for insurances to submit offers for the work. Though it had been agreed with the architect that the insurance should be valid the day before the beginning of the construction. Coincidentally the architect had to move out of his apartment the very same day, so he was not available for any contact or conversation.

The power of attorney the architect had given to RMS enabled us to settle the matter in such a way that the safety insurance was ready a day before the beginning of construction.

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