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Case 4: Active all over Europe

A Danish subsidiary of a Swiss company applied for suggestions and offers for a personal insurance. The insurance maintained that from a certain deadline on the prospective output and performance had to be cut. The Swiss company came therefore under pressure

RMS realized that this deadline had to do with the harmonizing of the EU insurances’ laws. In the future, each insurance was only to present a more careful calculation of their old-age reserves. Substantially the employees would suffer no loss. We examined the existing and the already planned provisions of all subsidiaries and drew a proposal for a worldwide network, a so called pooling. The latter was to bring the local realities and facts together with the staff-policy aims of the Swiss company. The real costs of personnel, which up to then were difficult to assess, became transparent to the mother company. The latter had a better understanding of the position of her international subsidiaries on their respective national markets. There was a reflux of surpluses from the insurance premiums which would have otherwise remained with foreign insurances.

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