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Case 5: The Ecological Dimension

Ecology was a main subject in books already 30 years ago but not yet a business matter. This has changed considerably.

An engineering community advised national and international clients, predominantly in connection with community interests, about ecological matters. Old waste had to be examined and expert reports on emissions made. Emissionrates had to be predicted for any new installation. These are tricky things with a considerable degree of risk, which often mean new territory even for good insurance companies.

Actually, the engineering community was satisfied with its insurance company, no other insurance offers were needed. We met with the company in order to develop a contract shaped according to the risky activities of the company and which was to convey a more accurate picture of the company to its insurance company.

So RMS reformulated the special conditions of the contract, and from then on the firm could count on appropriate insurance safety and the insurance itself came to better insight.

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