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Case 12: What in case of delayed payment?

A client had all his particular insurance problems dealt with by the respective departments. The various heads of department understandably took varying decisions. A few defended the opinion that nothing could happen and renounced appropriate insurances. When damage was caused the concerning heads of department had to be tackled for new means. Other departments would always push for buying expensive insurance policies, they had high premium outputs but as these had been foreseen, the budget aim could be reached.

We wanted to a general view on the whole insurance programme and discovered they had strongly varying premiums. The main question was, could a part of the franchise be introduced for policy holder? This participation would have had to be put into relation to the actual premium.

The client agreed to our suggestions and developed a method of dealing with own damages in a financially reasonable way. This can be budgeted yearly. Eventually, the cost of a self-insurance proved to be able to diminuish considerably the whole premium volume.

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